The Thin Line Between a Law Firm and a Law Brand

The Thin Line Between a Law Firm and a Law Brand

We live an era where branding is the ‘secret weapon’ to separate yourself from competitors. Various law firms understand the importance behind lead generation and online marketing, but what will guide you in pushing the envelope so you’re a true online brand?


Have you ever visited a website, then all the sudden noticed their ads appear on prominent websites and social media feeds? This is a comprehensive strategy used to re-target prior visitors to always keep you in mind. Any visitor to your website could be active, or passive, but always remember that there was a reason why the paid your website a visit. Some of the most notable law firms use this to their advantage to retain their audience so they don’t go to a competitor.

Content Marketing

We all heard that term, ‘content is King’, but how much ‘royalty’ does your content bring?  A reputable online brand should not only deliver content but also transition themselves as a valuable resource towards their target market.  Information should be leverage to really solve your customer’s problems to ensure that you’re the right law firm to work with.

Content marketing has many forms and can be utilized effectively, but it’s important to stay consistent to stay abreast of the industry and market demands. A law firm should consider branding themselves with the use of blog content, video, infographics, case studies, and downloadable online brochures.

Digital Storytelling

Don’t be bashful on how effective your law firm is.  A powerful brand needs to be candid about how they successfully helped their clients.

Digital storytelling can be done in many forms, but be sure to leverage them through your marketing assets. For example, did you win a high profile case? Good…talk about it! You have a broad opportunity to talk about your successes through a website blog, social media channels, and landing pages.

Digital storytelling can also be leveraged by discussing the culture of your law firm. This will truly separate you from competitors to elevate your branding.

Your opportunities are endless when transitioning your law firm as a powerful brand. Let the experts at Marketing for Lawyers help you take the next step!