Why Online Marketing is Important for Law Firms

Why Online Marketing is Important for Law Firms

Online marketing is a fundamental practice that is overlooked by many law firms. We’re so used to the comfort of our referral networks, but like any business, a growth plan is needed.

According to Statista, the legal services industry is expected to achieve $288 billion in the United States alone, but that also means a large influx of increased competition.  The most prominent law firms are now using an ‘out of the box’ approach to generating more clients because they realized a change in their prospecting strategy was in dire need.

Passive strategies as expensive billboard advertising are hard to measure, and active strategies as cold calling can be extremely tedious. We all know time is money, hence it’s important to allocate a budget towards a strategy which is measurable, cost-effective and reinforces inbound methods.

The first step a law firm should take is to “Google” their major services. If you’re a criminal lawyer in Houston, Texas, you will see first hand who the top online competitors are. For example, if you were to enter ‘criminal lawyer Houston’, you will notice a series of ads at the very top of the page (Search Engine Marketing), map listings of criminal lawyers who surround your jurisdiction (Google My Business), and organic search results that outranked you (Search Engine Optimization). This does not mean these law firms are the most experienced nor the top performing, but they used online marketing towards their benefit.

Thousands of search queries are done on your services every month, and it’s important a strategy is implemented to consistently get in front of your target market. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so working with the right team will help you get to that finish line.

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