Marketing for Your Law Firms

Part of running your law firm means running at the same as you would have business. In order to be successful with your law practice you need to become an expert at things like managing an office, bookkeeping, and marketing. Legal marketing is arguably one of your most important skills, something you will truly need to develop in order to improve the image of your law firm and attract clients.

The difference between marketing strategies and tactics

Marketing strategies are long-term approaches that your law firm needs to take in order to achieve your goals. These strategies are typically general but the tactics you use are much more specific toward executing the strategies and achieving all of those goals. You'll need to work with both in order to be successful. 

For example, your law firm might have a goal of attracting more visitors to the firm's website using an organic search and the strategy for this could be improving the key words you use. The tactic that you might pursue in this could include things like building out additional links while also measuring how effective this is along the way so that you can verify which legal directories are benefiting your business the most. 

These goals and tactics will change with time. They shouldn't remain stagnant because your company shouldn't remain stagnant. It's important for you to build up a marketing tool kit with things like your brand, your client personas, what your website's going to look like and from there decide upon what marketing measures you want to implement. 

Building Your Brand

Has a law firm you need to build out your brand . We often forget to consider what a firm is all about because we don't typically think of it as a business even though that's exactly what it is.  Your brand needs to convey things like trust. Clients need to trust that you will improve their lives. It needs to convey quality. They need to know that you offer quality services and that it's worth the investment. The real goal is a positive and instant feeling inside every client when they start interacting with your brand. 


Part of the way you're able to do that successfully is by developing your client personas. Client personas are very important. All companies need to develop customer personas and your law firm is no different. You need to know who exactly you are targeting when you go through your marketing efforts. Depending on what type of law you practice you will need to develop your ideal client profile figure out what types of clients you are targeting. For every legal service you offer you need to craft at least one persona so that you can specify your marketing efforts. These personas need to include things like: 

  • the background of the individual,

  • the demographics, 

  • what their main challenges are  

This will help shape the content not just of your website but if your marketing strategy. You need to know what the struggles are for your clients, what motivations they have, and how your law firm can help them with that.

Your Website

Your website is the very first impression people have of your practice so you need to make sure that it's well-designed and it represents who your firm really is. Make sure there's an about us page that explains why your law firm makes this and why your services are better than the competition. This should be a value-added explanation that really focuses on the pain points or the struggles of your client Persona. List things like all of the services you offer, client testimonials, even an area where you answer questions. You need to provide every visitor to your site information about your firm so that you can establish trust right off the bat.  

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